Wednesday, December 28, 2011

feverrr =='

oh man !
fara ni jenis yang agak sukar untuk demam.
once demam, teruk gile okay.
kadang2 tu sampai meracau bangun tengah2 malam.
denggg ! mintak simpang lah.
da la esok ade budaya bukak sekolah.
petang >training.
fuhh ! harap semua berjalan dengan lancar esok.
haih.tak larat sangattt..
"i need a doctor,call me a doctor,doctor,"
haha..sempat lagi selit lagu tema  untuk post kali ni.
ergh. :/
my eyes start to berair.
hidung da panas.even mate pun da panas.
dengan sakit tekak lagi.perit gile okay?
na makan pun ta ley.even air liur pun susah na telan. haih~
tak sedap badan !!
arghh !
abang lak ajak pergi gym malam ni.
fara? mestilah pergi.
da lame ta pergi gym.
even dalam tak larat and demam pun kuatkan jugak diri ni untuk ke gym !
yeahh !! alraight. i got to go.

gym ! here i come !

p/s ~ eh ! dengar cerita.tahun depan lesen memandu kereta automatic start from may?
my birthday next year in MAY .
wohoooo ! i'm glad to hear that. yeahh !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Contest Jacket and Cardigan

hola ! whew.
.this is the first time for me to menganjurkan contest macam nie.
so,hope korang sudi enjoy and join this contest okay?
hehe..btw,korang boleh sent maximum 2 pictures. :D
before lupe,korang boleh pakai either jacket,sweater,cardigan or etc yg berkaitan dengannya. :)
haaa..kat bawah ni ade syarat2 penyertaan .
kalau ta na sent email pun tak pe..
just tinggal link blog korang kat comment ye..

easy right syarat penyertaan nye?
haaa..what are you waiting for? join lah . :D
ingat..bagi 20 penyertaan pertama ,kamii akan siarkan gambar dan link blog korang di blog paan & fara
jangan lupe ye semua syarat2 diatas.kalau tak,penyertaan anda tidak dikira. :)

thank youu darling :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Malaysia Vs Indonesia :D

hey there !
i just can't wait.whew ~
first,untuk warga Indonesia,please and tolonglah respect negara lain..
kamu mengutuk dan mencaci serta tidak hormat negara Malaysia..
Bagaimana kami,warga Malaysia mahu menghormati kamu?
fikirlah- aku cabar korang semua diam and hormat lagu negaraku malam ni..
memang aku respect korang kalau korang hormat.
tadi,aku tengok facebook,macam-macam Indonesia kutuk Malaysia.
bakar bendera lah,edit gmba penyokong Malaysia pegang laser laa..ape lah.. ohhh !! astaghfirullahalazim..
sabar jelah...Aku doakan Allah berikan petunjuk kat korang warga Indonesia.
sikit pun tak tunjukkan semangat kesukanan.
nak bergaduh balik rumah tidur lagi bagus !
ape2 pun..kalah menang adat permainan..
semua dah besar panjang..boleh fikir kan ..akal pun masih waras..
so,kalau tak waras tu faham2 lah kan..things yang tak patut terjadi,pun boleh jadi.
aku bukan cakap sukan bola je...tapi,obviously aku nampak benda ni berlaku kat bola..

 p/s~ ape2 pun..good luck M A L A Y S I A !
All the best !
Harimau sudah mengganas.. auummmmm ! :D :D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My lovely future babyy TORCHlight

u know what?
Next year,
i'll try as hard as i can to grab this phone.
go girl !
i am willing to not eat and save at my school.
only for you dear..ohh my sweetheart.

WARNING~ virus angau dah datang. lalalala~

ohh my hunny bunny..
come to mama darling . LOL

p/s ~ ade yg na sponsor ke this phone?
ahh..memang takk la ade orang na sponsor ko fara..
laen la if kau 2 orang ternama.famous amos.artis. lalalala~

p/s~ kan bagus kalau ko work hard untuk study sama macam ko work hard nak dapat phone nie fara.
okayy2.this is a motivation for me. okay fara. LISTEN careffully.
SPM is getting are 17 next year .
STUDY HARD AND SMART as SAME as you WORK HARD to get this blackberry torch.
If you succes in SPM. many of your dreams may come true.

Friday, October 28, 2011

i love my haters

hey peeps !
this is one of the sub topics from my previous post entitled RANDOM THINGS.
here we go !
ehem3..sound two three.
okay.we can start now.
for example,i heard a story or i see it myself that someone hate me.
how do i react?
i'll say like this 'u hate me? okay.thank youu..i dont care at all.i love youu honeyy.thanks for making me popular'
hahaha..hey ! you wanna know something?
someone was spreading false story about me.
that story was so awful.
it's about my pride.
hello? my pride is not a toys okay?
nahh..whatever..i dont know what is your motive for spreading the FALSE story.
even i dont know you at all.
i've never meet or see u okay?
weirdo ~ hahaha
i dont mind friends and people around me know me well..
i will not do such thing la.. cool sudaa~

Monday, October 24, 2011

combination of i love exam and sports !

i totally in love with sports.
i feel like wana play anll kind of sports.
but its not that easy.
for now, i've play sepak takraw,bola sepak,bola jaring,hoki,badminton.
i can't play all sports in school.
so, i choosed to participated in bola baling,olahraga and petanque.
if i can, i already play hockey and netball for my school.
but, i've to give my commitment to sports that i played for my school.
i'm hoping that i had a chance to play hockey and netball for school next year.
after i SPM, i will choose sports science course.
there, i will have chance to learn all kind of sport !
weeeee ~ i loveee it ! see ya in IPT darl !

now,lets talk about exam.
its weird right because i love exam?
haha.i love exam because i dont have to think so much.
i just need to revised back what i've learned.
 i felt like its not hard to study than to learned new things.
that what i thought.
oh yeahh.. and i more thing, when exam,i dont have to bring books.
so my bags will be lighter. :D
and i can feel like time run fast and more relaxing.
not like when i'm in class.i felt like time run so slow.
aiyoo..what happen to you fara?

as what people will say~ no comment ..daaaaa!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i love food !

hey dear !
my post before this talked about random things.
so,the first subtopics in the post before is I LOVE FOOD ! to eat ! haha
i love spicy food !
you know what? i will stay hungry if i didn't eat spicy food for a day !
its my favourite man !
my family and i.all of us love spicy food.
if that food is not spicy we will try to find chillies or peppers.
haha..we are so obsessed to spicy food.
i know, eating to much spicy food can danger ourselves
but, what to do right? its has become my favourite since i was kid.
that's for general.

here are the list of  food that i loveee
~nasi goreng kampung
~tom yam
~sambal udang
~sambal ayam
~all sorts of sambal
~char kuey tew
~ayam masak ros
~beef steak
~mee hun tom yam
~my mom spagheti
~all sorts of rendang
~mee kuah
~mee kari

\p/s ~thats all what came up my mind right now ngehee~ =)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

random thing .

hey there !
i'm fara.i am honour to see you again !
i am 16 years old..
people said,sweet 16 gituu.
awww2~ and.
 i love food.
i love exam .
i love sports.
i love musics.
i love my haters.
i love to be a paranoid.
i love people around me.
i love my only one teddy.
i love singing in bathroom.
i love to disturbing people.
i love fighting with my bestfriends.
i love to speak in front of the mirror.
i love all the presents that people gave me.

p/s~ i will post 1 per entry later..
i mean, i love *blablabla* .in 1 entry.
so it will be about 12 post coming up !

Friday, October 21, 2011

whatt? my children ?

oh no ! 
i already have childrenn?
whatt? can i believe this?
can u believe this?
eh.but they are so cute..
oh my darling..i love to play with ya. :D :D
here they are cutie persian cats.
this one is kiki

hello ! my name is kaka :)

so adorable ! hehe..
love yah ! :D :D
thanks to my parents for buying both of the cats for us.

p/s ~ us up there mean my siblings :)
we already raised them about 3 month :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

yeahh !

i feel good !
my exam is finish already !
now, i am closer to spm !
which in next year ..
whatt ?? i am old already..
i'll be 17 next year ?
wow ! time run so fast !
what i know is i wanna take the car driving license !
you know what? i was to take the motorcycle license.
unfortunately,my parents won't allow me.
so,i'll just take the car driving license next year !
yeahh ! i can't wait for my birthdayy next year.
as soon my age is 17 ,i will straight away take the car driving license.
woooo ! :D

Saturday, October 15, 2011

skirts ?

heyyaw !
skirts . whats came up in your mind when hear this word ?
ops..not hehe
what we always imagine when we talk about skirt is girl,ladies and woman right?
maybe some of you think about the mak nyahh. aww2~ heee~
there were so many kind of skirts out there..
am i right? :D
mini skirts , long skirts, sporty skirts, short skirts,denim skirts..

wow ! all of them is so gorgeous.

now,can you imagine when a true guy,a macho guy or a masculine guy wearing a skirt?
this is extremely worst !
i'm writing about this topics because i just saw a man with a long hair wearing a skirts.
aand what i know is,that man is not act like a girl..
ya,you know.its kind of a tough man.but wearing a SKIRT ?
this is the worst ever !
it will look like this.
i tried to not laugh.
but it burst ! hahahahaha
ouch ! my stomach ! this is what will happen when i keep laughing :D
it hurtss ! but, just for a while.. ngeehee~
okay ! enough for now ye..chill ya !

p/s ~ to anyone out there, this is just my opinion okay.
i just saw a man wearing that skirts in the tv.
i'm sorry if this post is too much ! :p

Friday, October 14, 2011

full :D

yeahhhh !
da upload yang full punye !
haha..tapi same je lah..ta sedap je. hehe
rase coklat pun ta..tawar je kot my voice tuh..hahaha

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 je fara na cakap.
kalau dia boleh buat..fara pun bole okay?
and 1 more thing fara main je .
tak betol langsung benda tuh.
harap faham.
sape yang tak faham tuh faham2 kan lah.. (:

Monday, October 10, 2011

ekekeke xD

haha !
video nie sekejap sangat !
mase ltak gamba semua tuh tak perasan pun..
ape ape pun layan je lah okay?
nanti fara letak yang full punye !
and about my voice tuh,memang tak dapat dinafikan lagi ketidak sedapannye..

Sunday, October 9, 2011


rindu setengah mati :')
nice songs ! :')

Saturday, October 8, 2011

cerita basi . lalalala~

(this is 3 of 4 of us,me in the middle,waffa on the right puteri og the left and zarifah not in the picture)
whew !
my last post hari tuh ade talk about activities in 1murid 1 sukan camp right?
so,even though cerita ni dah basi pun.
i still want to story2 jugakkk.. weee~
biase lah kan..fara memang suke cerita things yang dah basi..
ade sayeee kisah? ekekeke..
now.. drum roll~
here are the story..
about 11.30 am kitorang bertolak from school to PPD Kulim.
it tooks about 45 minutes..
we keep chit chatting and sing along with the radio..
wee !! sooo exciting !
all of us can't wait to go to the camp.
the camp is just like what we expected.
as soon we arrived at the ppd, we register then,shopping at the shops near the ppd.
i bought top up to eat !
hahahaha. i though we can use handset there but not as i expected lahh..
wheewww ! at first ,i'm sooo frustrated.
but what do i care? ekekeke..
next,after the bus arrived at the ppd, 3 buses.
okay lah.i'm not sure we ride the bus with what school..
ngeehee~ tak sempat lah nak beramah mesra .. xD
our bus its not that full lah..many seats free
okay2..kitorang bertolak from the ppd around 1 pm..
in the bus,we keep playing with our phones and chatting and so on.
best giler okay ! :D
as soon we arrived at the pantai merdeka resort,fara ade lah tegur2 sekolah lain kan.
we talk a lot.LOL..until my teacher said that sebelum pergi takot kan.
sekarang tengok,sembang je..#lbey kurang cam tuh la ayat..#hehe
(mane tak nye,time tuh semua orang busy keluar kan barang and ade la little briefing about penginapan yg kitorang pulak bersembang jer)
aiyooo ! xD
after that,kitorang dibahagikan kepada team kecik n besor.. :D
my small team is netball and big team is number 2(i'm not sure) :D
luckily, my team mate is the best lah..sporting.
obviously,not just my team..all the participants in the camp.
i love them all.this was the best camp i've ever joined.
then,on the next day,fara kena belajar netball yang telah di modified and after that kena teach my big group .
every person in big team have their own sports to teach their big team ..
for example,fahana and i have to teach our big group in netball.
2 others teach hockey,2 others teach football and so on..
its so exciting that i've learned so much sports such as badminton,football,sepak takraw,netball,hockey..
even i know some sports but some sports,we play like erm training or more on skills..
the main objective of learning all this modified game is for us to make any tournament happened even didnt have enough sports equipment or have small field to play with many students .
besides that, i've learned on how to do the minit mesyuarat,laporan and etc.
seriously, kat sini kan fara tak sempat lapar lagi dah dapat makan.
memang makin fat lah fara kan..hehe..
i felt like time going to fast.3 days camp just like 1 days man..
grr !! i was like tak nak balik je.
with friends yang memang cool , chill and sporting sangat !
bilalah dapat pergi kem yang macam nie lagi .. uwaaaa! :'(
i miss all the moments.
(me,waffa,lee chi,parimala)
friends yang memang i'll remember lah kan.
so sure my jiran which sleep next to my katil :D
waffa(school mate)
parimala (smk pdg serai)
syahirah(smk padang serai)
puteri (schoolmate)
and banyak lagi lah !
sampai tak larat nak type dah..
terbaekk lah korang semua !
layan lah gamba2 ni yer..

Monday, September 19, 2011

excited tonight !

tengok ? kan ?
i told you ma..
baru je post ta sampai 5 minit dah pos lagi..
ke excited an yang sudah tidak dapat dibendung lagi..
aiyoo.. :D
nanti fara balik sini this wednesday kan2?
kalau fara rajin lah kan..nanti fara share2 stody pasal kem 2 tau?
eh..percaya tak?
fara excited sangat ni !
tapi barang ta packing lagi !
hahahaha..memang gile ah!
biar lah..esok kan sempat?
haha..nasib lah sape yang jadi kawan aku..
selalu kena tego or ingatkan fara dulu.
for example~ every last msj kat enset fara mesti dye remind psal kje skola..
'fara ak ngantok ar..tpi ko jgn lupe wat yang aku suruh tau,..haa..kje skola add math m/s 233 n 234 jgn lupe plak tau..knite.salam'
hahaha..untunglah dapat kawan macam dye..
dye jugak lah yang slalu bising kat aku lau aku keja dok kacau orang then sembang banyak2..
nanti mulelah dye tego ak.bkn tego sangat lah..more on marah..haha
weh...da siap kje blom? buat cepat !
aku un ckp rilex ar ..awal lagi kot..
dia~ hotak kau..buat awal2 kan senang..kat rumah bukan ko buat un..
ak~ buat lah nie..haha..(mengalah gak ar,..tpi ikot mood gak ar kan..)

now,aku ade pulak someone lagi yang banyak tolonng aku lah..
banyak bagi nasihat..
then, kalau aku sedih bukan main cepat lagi dye tau
haha..oh mak kau ..terkejot mak..hehe
ta de lah..tapi tulah kan..aku tak de pon bagitau dye yang aku sedih..
dye jugak lah yang buat aku rajin lagi na study kat rumah..
aku nie hangat2 tahi ayam je lau bab study nie..
awal taun je..mai tengah taun lembik je..
liat na buat ape pon.hahaha
dah tuh,sejak dye ade aku siapkan keje awal,study siap2 lau kje ta de..
tpi kdg2 tuh bile ta wat keje 2..mesti kantoi..haha
last2 aku siapkan jugak..memang terbaek ar..
even dye jao kan,first time kot aku blaja through online je dengan someone..
he gave me the idea for my essays..willing to help me in add math..
i was like whoa ! first time jumpe orang macam dye..
thanks tau3?

p/s ~ 2 orang kat atas tuh is my bestfriend also merangkap orang yg dudok sbelah aku dalam kelas..and the 2nd one is abg syahir. =)

urgh ! :/

omjayyy !
ni yang aku lemah ni..
tetibe lak musuh aku muncul.
ni lah akibatnye tido tak menentu..
uwaaa!! ade eyebags dahH !
ta mau ta mau..
mulenye nak tido dah tadi..pas tuh tak ley tido pulak.
so, fara pon pegi la kat billboard cari list lagu2 best n download
sekarang,baru je finish download the last song.
and mase untuk tido !
i am batman ! wohooo!
siang tido malam jaga.. LOL
tomorrow morning fara kena pergi kem 1 murid 1 sukan..
kitorang fasa or peringkat yang keberapa ntah ta tauu
lupe..==' haha
malam nie active 5 sikit ye kawan2..
sebab excited nak pergi kem esok !
wohooo ! bestnye ! :D
p/s ~ miss someone that is not mine anymore..
uwaaaa ! :'(

Thursday, September 15, 2011

jar of hearts =)

this songs adelah related to me
tpi ta byak pon..
best jugak layan time2 cam nie kan. =)

Monday, September 12, 2011

pantun saya hari ini !

kah! kah ! kah! ketawa berbunyi,
aku suke senang sekali,
pabile perut mule berbunyi,
aku rase na makan lagi.

esok cakap na main bowling,
husband n wife panggil darling,
sampai bile nak ber 'LING'.
jawabnye sampai dah jemu lah ling.

awek ckp maniisnya kurma ini,
sedap dimakan di tengah hari,
mase dating semuanya manis,
bile kawin ta de nye manis !

awak ckp seindah bulan,
purnama cakap saya awek bulan,
apakan daya dihati bulan,
terima je lah bulan...

semuanye senang kalau berusaha,
andai diri mahu berusaha,
nak berjaya pn kena berusaha,
susah kalau tak berusaha..

p/s ~ hahaha..mengarot gile okay? best jugak buat benda nie bile boring..
ohh..teruk gile pantun fara..
ape2 pun,layan je lahh ye? hehe

Monday, August 15, 2011

Love youu !

i dont know why i feel like wanna cook today.
i just thinking that wanna help my mom.
ya.i know she tired then,need to cook for berbuka.
she back from her office around 5 pm., thats why i'm thinking to help my mom..
and... *drum roll*
here it comes !
i cooked ayam masak ros and n rice for berbuka today =)
yeyeahhh!! finally.rajin jugak ko fara xD picture for the lauk.
i didnt snap the photo.
at first, i want to suprised my mom.
however,tak jadi pulak.
ye lar kan.perent balik je diorang tengok dapur da berbau.
haha..spoil la fara.
coz of start cook the dish late. :p
whatever it know how much i love you mom,dad.
you are the best ! take good care of your health.
love yaaa.. =')

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

s.h.o.u.t.b.o.x b.a.r.u !

tweet2 !
lai lai lai..
tuan punya blog nak story something ni. =)
haaa..a new shoutbox is added to my blog.
it is at the right of my blog with a 'super gosip' name.
yeahh..guys..u can gossip there. :D
and a new background for my blog.
isnt it nice ? ohh fara..enough ! dont be so paranoid la..
ur background is not nice at all,even not beautiful.
i dont know why..i love to 'giggles'.
i feel like it is so cuteee..owww..
especially when kids do that.
i wanna *giggles again..
heeehee *giggles
ergh? annoying je la fara when u do that so many times.
haha.stop it okayyy?
adesss..gile ah..suke ngarot sorang2 kat blog ni.
like what je.
k guys ! eh silap. k fara !
enough for now.
i need to take some medicine to make me feel better.
what medicine eh? i'll tell my blog later okay sygs?
wait for the next post.
bye ! :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i do nothing

i like it..ahak ahak..i like it.. ahak ahaks.
whew ~ gile eh fara??
cool bebeyh . haha
even, dah 7 days kita berpuasa and ramai yang dah wish selamat berpuasa kan?
but, what do i care if fara wish lambat pun kan?
janji wish gak..hehe.
chillex bebeyh.
so, selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat islam =)
may all of you can + more pahala in this ramadhan.

hey ! i'm addicted to angry bird !

assalamualaikum. :D

Sunday, May 29, 2011

what a busy week

hey !
i have a good news..
on the last game in perlis, sempena a co-op fest.
it's a open berpasukan between 3 states..kedah,penang and perlis..
so,kedah for woman team has succesfully won the first place..
and for guy,kedah has won the second and 4th place..
yeah.. thats great !
congrats to our team for the achievement..
and good luck for the next game.which held at kuala selangor..angkasa peringkat kebangsaan.. :D
okay..lets talk about this week..
this is so so busy week for me..
on 31st may and 1st jun i have to go to INTEL for a program which held there..
it's a program about engineering of science or something about that la..
LOL..i'm not so sure lar...
after that, on 2nd jun i have to go to the school to finish up my PEKA for this year and next year.
on the evening of 2nd jun , my family and i will go to perlis for a mix double game on 4th n 5th jun..
we will go earlier bcoz my parent wanna meet their friends and shopping in padang besar.
whew ! and thats a story about my busy week..
oh and i'm not hoping for any achievement in the game..
whats the worst is i'm not sure who gonna be my partner for the game..
oh~ that's bad.n what i'm sure is i'll still go to the game and watch my parent play.
oh whatever it is i still go to perlis ..
omjayyy~ i wanna matter with my family or friends.
what i know is i wanna have some fun..just a little and not too much..
it's almost a month since i'm not playing bowling,games at the mall or karaoke..
i miss to do that.. hmmm..
i'm planning to hangout with my friends on this tuesday..
but, i can't..when i check my schedule, it is a very very busy week..
huwaaaa :'( so sad..
so this is my schedule for this week..

31 may = Intel
1 jun = Intel factory at hi tech kulim
2 jun = PEKA physics at school
3 jun = perlis
4 jun = perlis
5 jun = perlis

LOl.i'm busy like a bee..(that word is just so sweet)
i dont want to use the H*** seems like i'm rude a bit. hehe.. :p
so,whatever..chow !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ape2 je ~

yawwww !
today i would like to bubbling about my busyness...
bosan yaww...i'm busy yaww..
esok plak ade exam yaww..
peehhh! tak tau la nape duk 'yawww' je dari tadi..
rase cam gedik pulak tetibe..haha..
sorry eah..lau nak muntah pink bole request plastik warna hitam kat kaunter..
bukan ape..matching sikit muntah pink dengan plastik hitam kan..
eric leong kate,ha..ini bawu ade matching meyhh..
warne mesti kne matching looo...
ini warna pink aa kaler dye soft oke.byakk matching loo dgn hijau.
eh, silap..'hitam' xD
you,you kalau nak wat suprise i bole tlg punya..
wa ckp SUPRISE mesti semua org byakk like punyia..
terbaekk ar lu eric leong..haha

p/s ~ sorry yaw..i gurau je meyh..jgn saman wa oke eric..? xD
i tidak bersalah.. :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

this is for you ~supra boy~

ouh yeah....
my blog mmg bosan la supra boy...
my voice un is not that good.. xD
anyway,i'm not an active blogger..
i just spend my bored time with updating my blog..
so of coz my blog bosan..
sebab sye menghabiskan masa bosan dengan composing entry yg bosan kat blog..
yeah..2 jer idea yg i ade.. :D
this is me..haha..
hey ~ thanks for tellin' me about that...
i try to change yer.. :)thanks a lot dude ~i'll take ur word as a advice for my blog.. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i'm so sorry.. =(

awak..saye sedar,saya banyak wat salah kat awak..
dah banyak kali awak maafkan saya cam 2 jer..
ta de un mara2 saye..
awk nmpak happy sgt even sye da wat salah..
saye tau awk ta na mara2 saye sgt..
awk pendam jer..sbb awak ta na byak masalah lagi..
awk simpan je dalam hati awk even, mnyakitkan..
awak..thanks sangat..saye hargai semua pengorbanan awak..
saye terharu sangat bile awak sanggup dtg from tganu..
and korbankan wang and masa awak ..
semata2 nak jumpe ngan saya kat k.slangor ari 2..
tapi,saye..? ade ke saye korban sampai cam 2 ???
saye banyak mnyusahkan awk ade lar..
banyak sakitkan hati awk..byk wat awk jelez ngan saye...
sye sedar sume 2 awk...
awk...wlaupun ite jauh..hati sye ttap ta pernah brubah..
sye ttap setia dgn awk...hnye awk di hati sye...
penatkan awak bile saye selalu sgt sebut 'sorry' 'maaf'..
ye,sye da byak wat salah ngan awk...
sye ta fikir prasaan awk bile sye wat cam 2..
hmm..teruknye saye..
sye sedar awk...
awk..mesti awk da byak sgt sakit hati ngan sye kn..
tanpe sye sedar,sye da byak sgt3 wat salah kat awk..
lebih byak dri yg sye sedar..
klau yg sye sedar pun da byk..
nie kan pulak yg sye ta sedar...
maafkan sye awk..
awak yg terbaek yg sye pernah ade..
thanks for everything awk...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

heee ~ love this moments :)


ready !
Action ! :D

ari nie miss fara na sambung ngarot yer..
soo, enjoy ! haha
warning ~fara lala haters and jiwang haters adalah dilarang sama sekali baca entry kali nie yer..
trimas.. kerjasama anda amatlah dihargai.. tettttt !

anda juga diminta untuk memakai rayban agar entry kali ini tidak menyakitkan atau menyerang sistem penglihatan anda.. entry is about..jeng3 !
erm..about..about..erm..ish ! about ape ..?
lupe lar ! adeih.. hilang da semua my idea...ta pe lar ea..
kirenye malam nie fara ngarot je lar ape2 pun okay..?
oh ya,sebelum 2 fara na abadikan 1 pic kat blog nie..
fara suke pic nie sgt ~
mmg kenangan yg mmg best lar.. :p
fara sambung entry yang kuala selangor 2 ea..? heee ~
on the last night fara stay kt sane,kitorang lepak a.k.a jenjalan tepi laut malam tu..
sempat lar snap2 pic..sembang2..fresh air...even fara yg lain da ngantok+ penat kitorang stil na kua jln2 tepi 2...tido lambat pulak 2..sanggup jer tahan mate..
ye lar kan bukan nye senang ley jumpe cam 2...
lau fara an,da macam ta na balik stay je situ..
tapi,apekan daya ade urusan yang lebih penting dari melepak..
fara kena dating ngan buku and skolah pulak..
maklum lar..budak sekolah lar katekan..hihihi..
haih ~ nasib lar 2 ari knangan tuh ade gamba yang sempat di snap2.. :D
ta pe lar..layan jer gamba nie...ade 1 jer...
sayangnya,ta sempat lak na snap gamba ramai2 malam 2.. xD

haha..pix nie nampak cam kelaka lak..
cam de something yg wat fara na gelak jer tengok..

so,here are our picture..
paling suke this pic...hehe.. :D

cukop la kot sampai sini jer.. to orang yang snap sume pic nie...
that person is alia roslan a.k.a kak alia.. :D
thanks a bunch ! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

kuala selangor =)

hai kwn2! :D
entry fara kali ni psal kuala selangor..
fara ta tau lar ape nasib fara,selalu sangat kena suprise !
maunye luruh jantung den nie ha..haha
merata tempat fara pergi mesti kena suprise.. xD
haih~ see ! kan fara da membebel kat sini.. grr !
credit lar to puan alia dan encik afiq sebab komplot sesame na kenakan fara,..
memang kenangan yang paling sweet tahap semut buat kedai da..
bak kate omputih, banana fruits many2 time..wakakaka...
hancur english den nie,ade kena mengena ke peribahasa 2 dengan entry fara..?
macam ta jer..hihihi... :p
oh ya,bagi yang na tau dan ta na tau knape fara bole sesat ade kat k.selangor..
meh teman na cite,..sebenornye,teman masuk open faimar di k.,selangor 2 ha..
keputusan dye ,teman kalah dengan jayenye..hehe..
kesimpulannye,teman da main sehabis baik..
redha jer ler..dah ta der rezeki ye dok? :D
ate,knape ler tetibe teman terkeluor bahase perok..?
kome le punce nye..ape na jadi ler kome nie..ish3.. xD
(gamba kitorang time last day kat sane(ahad))
ha..sebelum fara mengarut sampai ke paris,baik fara stop ngarot jup..
nanti sambung balik yer.. :p
cite nye cam ni..ade la org tuh kan4..dia cakap ta bole datang game kt k.selangor nie..
so,nak wat cam mane kan..kite pun redha jer la..
so,keesokan harinya bile saya jumpe kaka kesayangan saye a.k.a kak alia kat arena petanque yang located at stadium terbuka mdks..
saye ade syak something sebab dye tak na gtau name kwn dye yg terkandas di shah alam akibat tiket abez..
katenye, kalau bagitau fara pun bukan fara kenal..
na cover lah kan..fara un think la positive..even dalam hati nie da rase laen. hehe
then,kitorang(kak alia n fara) pun dating la dengan bola petanque kesayangan untuk dapat feel kat padang tuh..haha..
then, da na maghrib jer cam tuh..kitorang pun gerak lar ke kelompok abg anip,cikgu jani,iwan,abg atif n maaf ler lau ta sebut name..ta ingat ade ke ta org lagi kat situ..hehe..
tetibe fara terdengar 1 ayat nie..'alar,dak tganu mane ade bdn besa2'
aikk...lain macam jer...kak alia lak dah wat muke lain...
haha,..las sekali kak alia mengaku yang encik afiq n 2 org kwn dye encik hilmi and encik mat dtg jugak game 2..
pehhh ! terkojut den ha...ta tau na bagi reaksi ape..
so,den gelak jo..haha...xD
adess..ta terkate comment...
thanks to cikgu jani sbb sponser minyak keta and abg atif n abg anip yg amik diorang sampai sesat..haha..
memang enjoy la kat sane...banyak sangat kenangan even dalam mase kejap jer..
ape2 pun fara will always remember the moment all of us spend time together at k.selangor 2..
happy sangat ! :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

just you..

i'm bad...
adess..tak tau na gambarkan what i feel right now....
macam2 feeling ade.....
erm..i'm guilty.. =='
rasa bersalah sangat sebab this things really disturbing him..
pape pun, i just want to say..
sorry for my fault...
mesti da boring kan sebab selalu sangat dengar ayat sorry..

just for you dude !

Thursday, March 17, 2011

nothing to say than this.

nothing to say than this..
err...emo jer tajuk nye..
emo kah fara?
emo kah farah?
emo kah saya?
answer for all the question above is nope,no and tidak..
ta de lah..fara ta emo pun..
entry kali ni mmg chill giler okay?
more on fun and fara na story about my family holiday. :D
weeeeeee !!

baru2 nie my family and i pergi holiday kat bukit fraser..
1 ari je pun...balik on the same day jugak..
coz of ta banyak aktiviti yg boleh wat kat sane..

so,fara saampai about 11 pagi kot..
and,naik jer kat atas tuh lepak2 and snapping some pictures..
after that,fara nak g archery..
but,ta jadi lha pulak..ta tau direction kat mane..
sebab fara just nmpak direction nak g jeriau waterfall and boating jer..
so,we decided to mandi dulu..
suasana kat waterfall tuh memang giler sunyi larh..
scary sebab tak de orang sangat..
tapi bebas oke na mandi..?
sungai tu da jadi macam sungai kitorang pulak..ops !

this one pic before masuk or jalan g ke air terjun tu. :)

next,kitorang g la kat boating..
my father naik with my little sis..
and fara naik with my little bro..
my mother plak,snapping our pictures.
unfortunately,both of my older brother tak dapat ikot..
weee ! padan muke korang ! :p
hahahahahaha(gelak jahat )
anyway,lenguh giler oke kayuh boat tuh..
haha..hilang terus 5 kg lemak kat drumstick nie ha...hahaha..

Friday, March 4, 2011

siapa suamimu di syurga nanti.?

Persoalan mengenai kehidupan berpasangan, suami-isteri atau ikatan perkahwinan di syurga kelak akan dijawab mengikut dalil sahih dari Rasulullah SAW, namun segala perinciannya adalah hak milik Allah SWT. Waullahu a’alam.

Kes 1:

Wanita yang meninggal dunia sebelum berkahwin

+ Wanita dalam golongan ini akan dikahwinkan dengan seorang lelaki di kalangan Ahli Syurga. Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “Tiada si bujang di dalam syurga” [Hadis Riwayat Muslim]. Ini kerana ada juga kaum lelaki yang belum berkahwin sebelum meninggal dunia.

Kes 2:

Wanita yang meninggal dunia setelah bercerai dan tidak berkahwin dengan lelaki lain selepas itu.

+ Wanita dalam golongan ini juga akan dikahwinkan oleh Allah SWT dengan lelaki daripada Ahli Syurga.

Kes 3:

Wanita yang meninggal dunia sedangkan suaminya tidak memasuki syurga.

+ Seperti kes 2, wanita dalam golongan ini juga akan mengahwini lelaki daripada Ahli Syurga.

Kes 4:

Wanita yang meninggal dunia setelah berkahwin

+ Wanita dalam golongan ini akan bersama suami mereka masing-masing asalkan suaminya memasuki syurga.

Kes 5:

Wanita yang kematian suami dan tidak berkahwin selepas itu

+ Seperti kes 4, Wanita dalam golongan ini akan bersama suami mereka masing-masing asalkan suaminya yang meninggal tersebut memasuki syurga.

Kes 6:

Wanita yang kematian suami tetapi berkahwin dengan lelaki lain

+ Wanita dalam golongan ini akan bersama dengan suaminya yang terakhir sebelum meninggal dunia, tidak kira berapa kali wanita tersebut berkahwin. Suaminya yang terakhir adalah suaminya di syurga sekiranya suami itu menjadi Ahli Syurga. Ini dikuatkan oleh hadis Rasulullah “Wanita adalah kepunyaan suaminya yang terakhir” Hadis sahih riwayat Al-Albani

p/s fara copy paste jer nie...fara amik from facebook..

Monday, February 28, 2011

cinta 4 ~ 15 sebab lelaki ditolak

salam and hye3 !
sebelum nie,fara dah wat tentang cinta 1,2 and 3..
now,fara na wat yg ke 4 laks oke?
pada yang tak bace entry about cinta yg sebelum nie..
fara curi idea nie semua from buku yg at first fara ingat novel..
tapi bile dah beli, buku cinta rupanya..
hahaha...adoyai..tak pe lah..
berjasa lah kau kepada blog aku ye buku..? :)

p/s pesanan daripada pemilik blog..
kepada kaum lelaki, this is just an advice from me to all of you..
its not that i want to blame on you all ok?
if you can,try to changed if ada korang ada ciri2 kat bwh nie boleh?
okie..good to hear that korang oke..haa..macam 2 lah...baru sporting right..? hehe..

1- Meninggikan Suara
i know la guys dikurniakan suara yg macho but, please dont tinggikan suara korang just untuk tunjukkan ego..
seriously,ta elok langsung..

2- Main Kayu Tiga
haa,..kalau korang main kayu tiga memang fara ketuk kepala sorang2... grrr..
even dah ade awek,laki susah nak setia..
tambah lak kalau digoda awekzz cun dari awek korang sekarang...
lagi lah laki cepat cair..tolong jangan buatlah yer kaum adam?

3- Suka 'Cuci Mata'
biasalah kan..lelaki..pantang nampak awek cantik mulalah mata tuh macam nak tercabut jer...
kalau boleh nak tambah lagi mata !hahah
kalau nak tengok time korang tak ade ngan awek tak pe lah..
ni tak,time ada ngan awek sempat lagi tengok awezz lain..
mau nye lari awek korang..baru tau...
p/s tak salah na usha..sbb fara pun selalu usha lelaki jugak..
well.. kagum dengan ciptaan tuhan.. :)

4- Mengongkong
bagi fara mengongkong tak salah..but just jangan over oke?
kalau tak mengongkong langsung memang teruk jugak.
.silap haribulan awek korang ade pakwe lain..haha.. no comment..

5- Ego
mostly,laki memang ego..tak salah kalau nak ego..
yang penting kena pada tempat nya ya..? :)

6- Menipu
Menipu adalah perkara yang paling fara benci oke..
tolonglah jujur wahai kaum adam..kalau korang kena tipu mesti korang mara giler right..?
abes tuh korang tipu awek korang ta pe pulak kan..?
haish..ta patut2..biarlah perkara 2 pahit sekali pun..tak payah la nak bohong segala bagai..

7- Mementingkan diri
susah jugak if dapat lelaki yang macam ni,.bagi lah peluang untuk awek korang luahkan pendapat..
janganlah asyik nak dengar pendapat korang jer..tak ke sakit kalau cam 2...?xD

8- Cemburu Buta
orang cakap,cemburu tandanya sayang..tapi takkanlah 24 jam korang nak cemburu ngan awek korang...kalau cemburu macam 2 jer tak pe lah jugak..
ni tak, ade yang sampai mintak break,mara2 awek,..
control all of that ea.. ^^

9- Mata Duitan
eeee...sape pun tak nak laki macam ni..
nak kikis jer duit awek ..selalunya kita dengar kisah awek pisau cukur jer..
sekarang,terbalik pulak..ape kes ni..? hehe

10- Panas Baran
oh no ! scary giler oke...
dah marah kat awek 2 tak payah lah nak maki or sampai tangan tuh naik.
.tak pasal2 jadi kes dera kunk..haha..

11- Perokok
asyik berasap jer sana sini..bakar duit korang..
tak de ker rasa membazir..?
bau busuk rokok memang tak menahan jer..
memang if ade someone merokok tepi fara automatically fara tutup hidung..
sebab fara memang tak boleh bau dan hidu asap rokok tuh.. alergic suda !
dari korang beli rokok 2 baik korang belanja awek korang or tolong parent korang...
rokok itu HARAM ! so,renung2kanlah..

12- Pengotor
tolonglah jaga kebersihan korang...
nie tak.meludak kahak or etc dekat merata2..
lepas 2 orang terpijak..yarkk..gross ! xD

13- Putar Belit
bagi lelaki puter belit ni tak salah asalkan awek tuh percaya alasan tersebut..
so,terlepas lah dari kesalahan korang 2..
err...kalau korang betul2 cintakan si dia masalah ni tak kan terjadi..
so,bersikap jujur je lah yer..

14- Menghargai
sekali sekala perempuan nak jugak rasa diri diorang dihargai..
lelaki,tunjuklah yang korang hargai si dia...
dan janganlah cari perempuan lain..
or ngade2 nak ayat /ngorat perempuan lain..
nanti kalau awek korang tinggalkan korang..baru korang tau camne rasenyer.. sakit giler..
time tuh barulah nak cari2 si dia balik..

15- Ulat Bulu(Miang)
ouch! miang giler..haha.. asal g dating jer mulalah tangan nak merayap..
dah 2 merayap kat tempat yang tak sepatutnya pulak 2..
tolonglah..awal2 lagi awek korang angkat kaki tinggal korang..
hahaha....padan muke ! tu lah miang sangat..
persepsi perempuan, laki nie kalau sayang kat awek dye..dye takkan rosakkan awek dye..
and laki akan jaga awek tuh sebaiknya
.so,prinsip tuh jugaklah yang fara pegang sampai sekarang..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

only him....

actually,hari ini yang bertarikh 26 march 2011 genap 6 month we're together
many thing happen in our relationship..
ta penting pun tarikh ni....
but,memang dalam sejarah hidup fara..
fara ta pernah couple lama macam ni..
ok2..i admit that i was a playgirl..
tapi tu semua dah jadi sejarah...
cerita lame..i've changed..
so,just forget about it okay?
sejujurnya,kadang2 tuh ada jugak terlintas on my mind
that, couple ni cam tak perlu jer..
but, i still want to's my decision jugak..
currently i've choosed this guy maybe as my future husband.
gatal seyh fara ni..haha..
lambat lagi la der..kejar cita2 dulu oke..
fara tak nak lah terlalu mengharap dalam hubungan nie
macam2 fara fikir...haish,...takut giler bile fikir macam2..
da larh..malas nak cakap panjang...
pe yang penting,fara dah setia..
and try my best for our relationship..

now,fara nak kenalkan my boyfie kat korang..
his name is mohd afiq..
18 years old..
dye tinggal memang berjarak dengan fara..
jauh giler..tapi bila fara fikir, ada jugak kebaikan bile couple jauh2 nie.
pape pun fara na pesan kat korang sume.
hargailah si dia selagi dia ada...
tolonglh ea..jangan mainkan perasaan lelaki mahupun perempuan...
fara pernah lalui dah semua tuh...
bile kita da berubah kita rasa menyesal sangat..
i felt like macam teruk giler ..
and finally, this is his picture..

p/s~ gamba curi..punye la susah nak dapat gamba dye..
sabo je lha..

Friday, February 25, 2011

ewww..sumbang nye suara you !

aper kes la kaw nie nak nyanyi..letak kat youtube pulak 2..
dah la sumbang...bajet jer..
ish..tak boleh jadi betul....
korang layan je la video ni..
memang sumbang..sengal jer kan..
dah la nyanyi lagu best..
abes rosak lagu tuh..
oke la..fara malaz na membebel panjang kat sini..
layannnn.... :p

ha..dah tengok?
actually,video nie fara punye..hahaha..
kesengalan melanda..
2 yang fara menyumbangkan lagi lagu ni..
maaf ye tawan2 if telinga korang sakit after tengok video di atas..
sebarang alahan atau effect boleh la berjumpa doktor fara yang beralamat di

bandar batu 2
jalan batu 2
tingkat 2
tangga 2
9951995,tanah perkuburan..
terima kasih..
:) hehe

Monday, February 21, 2011

kem pengakap at smk Mahang

salam sume !
tajuk hari ni about camping.erm..what to say ea..
ok2.mase fara kat camp jer fara rase nak balik sangat2..
but,bile da balik je i was like 'nak pergi lagi! nak pergi lagi !'
hahahaha...sengal jer kan !
actually,best sebenarnya pergi camping..
tapi rasa nak balik tu datang bile rase penat..
cepat jer rase give up nyer..
kena tabah kan hati gak la...tak boleh nak manje2 lagi ye..hehe..

fara ade 1 story about spageti..
on the last night kat camp 2 my friend and i kena jage kawasan perkhemahan..
so,bile bored tuh fara rase cam nak masak jer..
plus pulak ade spageti yang tak masak lagi..
dipendekkan cerita fara masak la..tapi nak kate fara masak tak jugak..
sebab mostly syamsol dak kadet polis yang ade kat situ malam 2 pun masak jugak.,.
fara rancang nak masak khas untuk abang2 kelana n fasi2 yang penat jage kitorang..
ye la kan..kiranya nak balas lah pengorbanan and kepenatan diorang semua..
orang first yang makan spageti tu syamsol..
dia makan nampak macam sedap jer..
so,abg2 yang lain pun datang la makan...
abg wan(1 of the abg kelana) makan la..
dia rasa tawar so abg zulkhairi a.k.a kulup or abg mad suruh letak kicap..
after letak n abg wan makan..tibe2 ade 1 abg nie wat2 cam nak muntah kat abg wan..
abg wan terus muntah beb..hahaha...ya Allah..mesti teruk giler rasa spageti 2..
abg bob pun makan gak tapi muka rilex jer..
yang penting semua makan tak abez except syamsol..
tu pun after that dia muntah and bagi alasan perut terkejut sebab ta makan nasi ari 2..
macam la fara ta tau dia sanggup abiskan sebab nak jage hati fara,,hehe..
tak lame lepas 2 kitorang rancang nak panggil dak2 pengakap lelaki sekolah kitorang pulak..diorang pun ape lagi perut da lapar...main makan jer..elok jer lepas makan amir terus muntah terus yang lain tak jadi makan..hahaha....

what important is to semua abg2 kelana n fasi fara or kitorang bukannya nak main2 or pekenakan korang...but,spageti kitorang tak jadi and kitorang pun tak tau yang spageti 2 tak jadi..hehe..
sorry ea..

pape pun memang 2 kenangan yang memang fara tak dapat nak lupakan..

p/s pada yang tak tahu, abg kelana or'kelana' is pangkat yang lebih tinggi dari pengakap diraja..nanti fara story ape yang untung masuk pengakap nie oke? :)

nie syafiq a.k.a pak tam :)

nie lak abg alif a.k.a abg bob

yang belah kanan tuh abg khairul azim..KLIK untuk ke blog abg nie :)

nie lak abg azeli..KLIK jugak untuk ke blog abg nie oke? :D

nie lah abg wan..hehe.. :p

this is abg hafiz(kanan) and kiri islah..

abg adam or fadli..^^

abg mad... :)

kiri(abg kulup a.k.a zulkhairy (kanan) abg mad :)

p/s sorry amik gamba without izin korang....
gamba curi kat facebook korang semua..hehe