Saturday, October 8, 2011

cerita basi . lalalala~

(this is 3 of 4 of us,me in the middle,waffa on the right puteri og the left and zarifah not in the picture)
whew !
my last post hari tuh ade talk about activities in 1murid 1 sukan camp right?
so,even though cerita ni dah basi pun.
i still want to story2 jugakkk.. weee~
biase lah kan..fara memang suke cerita things yang dah basi..
ade sayeee kisah? ekekeke..
now.. drum roll~
here are the story..
about 11.30 am kitorang bertolak from school to PPD Kulim.
it tooks about 45 minutes..
we keep chit chatting and sing along with the radio..
wee !! sooo exciting !
all of us can't wait to go to the camp.
the camp is just like what we expected.
as soon we arrived at the ppd, we register then,shopping at the shops near the ppd.
i bought top up to eat !
hahahaha. i though we can use handset there but not as i expected lahh..
wheewww ! at first ,i'm sooo frustrated.
but what do i care? ekekeke..
next,after the bus arrived at the ppd, 3 buses.
okay lah.i'm not sure we ride the bus with what school..
ngeehee~ tak sempat lah nak beramah mesra .. xD
our bus its not that full lah..many seats free
okay2..kitorang bertolak from the ppd around 1 pm..
in the bus,we keep playing with our phones and chatting and so on.
best giler okay ! :D
as soon we arrived at the pantai merdeka resort,fara ade lah tegur2 sekolah lain kan.
we talk a lot.LOL..until my teacher said that sebelum pergi takot kan.
sekarang tengok,sembang je..#lbey kurang cam tuh la ayat..#hehe
(mane tak nye,time tuh semua orang busy keluar kan barang and ade la little briefing about penginapan yg kitorang pulak bersembang jer)
aiyooo ! xD
after that,kitorang dibahagikan kepada team kecik n besor.. :D
my small team is netball and big team is number 2(i'm not sure) :D
luckily, my team mate is the best lah..sporting.
obviously,not just my team..all the participants in the camp.
i love them all.this was the best camp i've ever joined.
then,on the next day,fara kena belajar netball yang telah di modified and after that kena teach my big group .
every person in big team have their own sports to teach their big team ..
for example,fahana and i have to teach our big group in netball.
2 others teach hockey,2 others teach football and so on..
its so exciting that i've learned so much sports such as badminton,football,sepak takraw,netball,hockey..
even i know some sports but some sports,we play like erm training or more on skills..
the main objective of learning all this modified game is for us to make any tournament happened even didnt have enough sports equipment or have small field to play with many students .
besides that, i've learned on how to do the minit mesyuarat,laporan and etc.
seriously, kat sini kan fara tak sempat lapar lagi dah dapat makan.
memang makin fat lah fara kan..hehe..
i felt like time going to fast.3 days camp just like 1 days man..
grr !! i was like tak nak balik je.
with friends yang memang cool , chill and sporting sangat !
bilalah dapat pergi kem yang macam nie lagi .. uwaaaa! :'(
i miss all the moments.
(me,waffa,lee chi,parimala)
friends yang memang i'll remember lah kan.
so sure my jiran which sleep next to my katil :D
waffa(school mate)
parimala (smk pdg serai)
syahirah(smk padang serai)
puteri (schoolmate)
and banyak lagi lah !
sampai tak larat nak type dah..
terbaekk lah korang semua !
layan lah gamba2 ni yer..

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