Saturday, October 22, 2011

random thing .

hey there !
i'm fara.i am honour to see you again !
i am 16 years old..
people said,sweet 16 gituu.
awww2~ and.
 i love food.
i love exam .
i love sports.
i love musics.
i love my haters.
i love to be a paranoid.
i love people around me.
i love my only one teddy.
i love singing in bathroom.
i love to disturbing people.
i love fighting with my bestfriends.
i love to speak in front of the mirror.
i love all the presents that people gave me.

p/s~ i will post 1 per entry later..
i mean, i love *blablabla* .in 1 entry.
so it will be about 12 post coming up !

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