Monday, August 15, 2011

Love youu !

i dont know why i feel like wanna cook today.
i just thinking that wanna help my mom.
ya.i know she tired then,need to cook for berbuka.
she back from her office around 5 pm., thats why i'm thinking to help my mom..
and... *drum roll*
here it comes !
i cooked ayam masak ros and n rice for berbuka today =)
yeyeahhh!! finally.rajin jugak ko fara xD picture for the lauk.
i didnt snap the photo.
at first, i want to suprised my mom.
however,tak jadi pulak.
ye lar kan.perent balik je diorang tengok dapur da berbau.
haha..spoil la fara.
coz of start cook the dish late. :p
whatever it know how much i love you mom,dad.
you are the best ! take good care of your health.
love yaaa.. =')

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