Monday, October 24, 2011

combination of i love exam and sports !

i totally in love with sports.
i feel like wana play anll kind of sports.
but its not that easy.
for now, i've play sepak takraw,bola sepak,bola jaring,hoki,badminton.
i can't play all sports in school.
so, i choosed to participated in bola baling,olahraga and petanque.
if i can, i already play hockey and netball for my school.
but, i've to give my commitment to sports that i played for my school.
i'm hoping that i had a chance to play hockey and netball for school next year.
after i SPM, i will choose sports science course.
there, i will have chance to learn all kind of sport !
weeeee ~ i loveee it ! see ya in IPT darl !

now,lets talk about exam.
its weird right because i love exam?
haha.i love exam because i dont have to think so much.
i just need to revised back what i've learned.
 i felt like its not hard to study than to learned new things.
that what i thought.
oh yeahh.. and i more thing, when exam,i dont have to bring books.
so my bags will be lighter. :D
and i can feel like time run fast and more relaxing.
not like when i'm in class.i felt like time run so slow.
aiyoo..what happen to you fara?

as what people will say~ no comment ..daaaaa!

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