Sunday, October 23, 2011

i love food !

hey dear !
my post before this talked about random things.
so,the first subtopics in the post before is I LOVE FOOD ! to eat ! haha
i love spicy food !
you know what? i will stay hungry if i didn't eat spicy food for a day !
its my favourite man !
my family and i.all of us love spicy food.
if that food is not spicy we will try to find chillies or peppers.
haha..we are so obsessed to spicy food.
i know, eating to much spicy food can danger ourselves
but, what to do right? its has become my favourite since i was kid.
that's for general.

here are the list of  food that i loveee
~nasi goreng kampung
~tom yam
~sambal udang
~sambal ayam
~all sorts of sambal
~char kuey tew
~ayam masak ros
~beef steak
~mee hun tom yam
~my mom spagheti
~all sorts of rendang
~mee kuah
~mee kari

\p/s ~thats all what came up my mind right now ngehee~ =)

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