Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hye DarL..! =)

Both pmr n spm exam is getting nearer..
so i wanna give ya some strategy for last minute revision okie.!?!
everyone feels nervous about taking exam..
especially big exam like spm n pmr..
Here are some tips that i think can help ya..
it's important to remember that examination is a learning process and not memory..
i'm sure that examiner want to see evidence that you have drawn on ur knowledge to develop a reasoned argument,rather than replicate course notes n textbooks fact..
revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning exam...

  •  Do not cram ur brain with too hard 
  •  Ensure urself to at least 2 test papers a day.Complete test paper..
  •  Stop doing tropical question now!?! Focus on final or forecast test papers..
  •  Make sure u study till 12 am everyday n wake up early to school. Do not miss school..U might get some last minute tips..
  •  One of the school gave the tips to the students n the question came out..
  • Remember : You will miss the tips if u miss school ..

       So, i just wanna wish ya all Gud luck n all the best!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


i'm so tension + stress +crazy=my brain like wanna explode..
i hate this..
smpai ati ouh my besfriend do like this..
why ko baek sgt ngan the other girl..?
why ble ko ngan ak jewp ko always na mara2 ak jewp..
am i do anything wrong..?
pew yg ak taw ak ta wat salah un ngan ko...
if i do un small matter jewp babe..
niat just for joking la..
i didnt have any intention to hurt you..
but ble ak taw yg ko mra ngan ak ..
i already ask for ur forgiveness right..??
ble ak ejek ko hal kecik un ko da mara...
then, ble that girl ejek agi worst than ak ejek ko..
ko de mara kew dye 2..?
ko siap bleyh glak agi..
but..pew yg ak ejek ko n dye ejek ko sme jewp..
what the hell is that..?
when i do not do anything wrong dgn ko un ko bleyh lak ttbe mra ak..?
arghhh....what i can do is just be patient..
i just can poor out my problem with my the other friend..
now, i feel like ko da far from ak la..
sdeyh ko taw ta..
yg that girl 2 un ak gerammmm gle..
da ko taw dye besfriend ak npe ko ske pkse dye rpat ngan ko..
mcm ak ta taw..
ckit2 trik tgn besfriend ak 2 g ladies la,office la..
tension siot..
sengal jewp mnah 2..
pas 2 leyh lak pkse bff ak nie tnggal ak..
ngekk tol..
saba jewp la eyh fara..
saba an sparuh dri iman..
 btol ta..?
but..smpai ble eyh ak bleyh saba..?
to all...please jgn rmpas bff owg...
lau na kwn ta pew..
kowang leyh jdi bff skali..but jgn la smpai swuh org 2 tnggal bff dye..
sdeyh tau ta..?

ya  allah,kuatkanlah iman dan tabahkanlah hati hamba mu ini...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


sesungguh nya hnye dy yg bkuase di alm smesta niep..
im so thankful..
thankx ya allah..
b'cause u still na makbul kn doa hmbe mu yg bykk wat slah niep..
today i has a tournament..
i participated in 100 m , lompat jao, 4x400, 4x100, 4x100 m..
this evening i'll do my best to win in 100 m and lompat jao..
omg! i'm so nervous right now..
im so scared..
i got to go...
school field just like called my name so many time..
wish me luckk!