Friday, October 28, 2011

i love my haters

hey peeps !
this is one of the sub topics from my previous post entitled RANDOM THINGS.
here we go !
ehem3..sound two three.
okay.we can start now.
for example,i heard a story or i see it myself that someone hate me.
how do i react?
i'll say like this 'u hate me? okay.thank youu..i dont care at all.i love youu honeyy.thanks for making me popular'
hahaha..hey ! you wanna know something?
someone was spreading false story about me.
that story was so awful.
it's about my pride.
hello? my pride is not a toys okay?
nahh..whatever..i dont know what is your motive for spreading the FALSE story.
even i dont know you at all.
i've never meet or see u okay?
weirdo ~ hahaha
i dont mind friends and people around me know me well..
i will not do such thing la.. cool sudaa~


  1. ala... biarkn je ape yg owang len ckap...fara hanya perlu brdoa agar ALLAH mmbuka hati owang itu ke jln yg btol...insyaAllah*.*

  2. insyaAllah.. :)
    terima kasih atas nasihat tu..



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