Sunday, May 29, 2011

what a busy week

hey !
i have a good news..
on the last game in perlis, sempena a co-op fest.
it's a open berpasukan between 3 states..kedah,penang and perlis..
so,kedah for woman team has succesfully won the first place..
and for guy,kedah has won the second and 4th place..
yeah.. thats great !
congrats to our team for the achievement..
and good luck for the next game.which held at kuala selangor..angkasa peringkat kebangsaan.. :D
okay..lets talk about this week..
this is so so busy week for me..
on 31st may and 1st jun i have to go to INTEL for a program which held there..
it's a program about engineering of science or something about that la..
LOL..i'm not so sure lar...
after that, on 2nd jun i have to go to the school to finish up my PEKA for this year and next year.
on the evening of 2nd jun , my family and i will go to perlis for a mix double game on 4th n 5th jun..
we will go earlier bcoz my parent wanna meet their friends and shopping in padang besar.
whew ! and thats a story about my busy week..
oh and i'm not hoping for any achievement in the game..
whats the worst is i'm not sure who gonna be my partner for the game..
oh~ that's bad.n what i'm sure is i'll still go to the game and watch my parent play.
oh whatever it is i still go to perlis ..
omjayyy~ i wanna matter with my family or friends.
what i know is i wanna have some fun..just a little and not too much..
it's almost a month since i'm not playing bowling,games at the mall or karaoke..
i miss to do that.. hmmm..
i'm planning to hangout with my friends on this tuesday..
but, i can't..when i check my schedule, it is a very very busy week..
huwaaaa :'( so sad..
so this is my schedule for this week..

31 may = Intel
1 jun = Intel factory at hi tech kulim
2 jun = PEKA physics at school
3 jun = perlis
4 jun = perlis
5 jun = perlis

LOl.i'm busy like a bee..(that word is just so sweet)
i dont want to use the H*** seems like i'm rude a bit. hehe.. :p
so,whatever..chow !

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ape2 je ~

yawwww !
today i would like to bubbling about my busyness...
bosan yaww...i'm busy yaww..
esok plak ade exam yaww..
peehhh! tak tau la nape duk 'yawww' je dari tadi..
rase cam gedik pulak tetibe..haha..
sorry eah..lau nak muntah pink bole request plastik warna hitam kat kaunter..
bukan ape..matching sikit muntah pink dengan plastik hitam kan..
eric leong kate,ha..ini bawu ade matching meyhh..
warne mesti kne matching looo...
ini warna pink aa kaler dye soft oke.byakk matching loo dgn hijau.
eh, silap..'hitam' xD
you,you kalau nak wat suprise i bole tlg punya..
wa ckp SUPRISE mesti semua org byakk like punyia..
terbaekk ar lu eric leong..haha

p/s ~ sorry yaw..i gurau je meyh..jgn saman wa oke eric..? xD
i tidak bersalah.. :D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

this is for you ~supra boy~

ouh yeah....
my blog mmg bosan la supra boy...
my voice un is not that good.. xD
anyway,i'm not an active blogger..
i just spend my bored time with updating my blog..
so of coz my blog bosan..
sebab sye menghabiskan masa bosan dengan composing entry yg bosan kat blog..
yeah..2 jer idea yg i ade.. :D
this is me..haha..
hey ~ thanks for tellin' me about that...
i try to change yer.. :)thanks a lot dude ~i'll take ur word as a advice for my blog.. :)