Saturday, November 12, 2011

My lovely future babyy TORCHlight

u know what?
Next year,
i'll try as hard as i can to grab this phone.
go girl !
i am willing to not eat and save at my school.
only for you dear..ohh my sweetheart.

WARNING~ virus angau dah datang. lalalala~

ohh my hunny bunny..
come to mama darling . LOL

p/s ~ ade yg na sponsor ke this phone?
ahh..memang takk la ade orang na sponsor ko fara..
laen la if kau 2 orang ternama.famous amos.artis. lalalala~

p/s~ kan bagus kalau ko work hard untuk study sama macam ko work hard nak dapat phone nie fara.
okayy2.this is a motivation for me. okay fara. LISTEN careffully.
SPM is getting are 17 next year .
STUDY HARD AND SMART as SAME as you WORK HARD to get this blackberry torch.
If you succes in SPM. many of your dreams may come true.

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