Saturday, October 15, 2011

skirts ?

heyyaw !
skirts . whats came up in your mind when hear this word ?
ops..not hehe
what we always imagine when we talk about skirt is girl,ladies and woman right?
maybe some of you think about the mak nyahh. aww2~ heee~
there were so many kind of skirts out there..
am i right? :D
mini skirts , long skirts, sporty skirts, short skirts,denim skirts..

wow ! all of them is so gorgeous.

now,can you imagine when a true guy,a macho guy or a masculine guy wearing a skirt?
this is extremely worst !
i'm writing about this topics because i just saw a man with a long hair wearing a skirts.
aand what i know is,that man is not act like a girl..
ya,you know.its kind of a tough man.but wearing a SKIRT ?
this is the worst ever !
it will look like this.
i tried to not laugh.
but it burst ! hahahahaha
ouch ! my stomach ! this is what will happen when i keep laughing :D
it hurtss ! but, just for a while.. ngeehee~
okay ! enough for now ye..chill ya !

p/s ~ to anyone out there, this is just my opinion okay.
i just saw a man wearing that skirts in the tv.
i'm sorry if this post is too much ! :p

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