Wednesday, August 10, 2011

s.h.o.u.t.b.o.x b.a.r.u !

tweet2 !
lai lai lai..
tuan punya blog nak story something ni. =)
haaa..a new shoutbox is added to my blog.
it is at the right of my blog with a 'super gosip' name.
yeahh..guys..u can gossip there. :D
and a new background for my blog.
isnt it nice ? ohh fara..enough ! dont be so paranoid la..
ur background is not nice at all,even not beautiful.
i dont know why..i love to 'giggles'.
i feel like it is so cuteee..owww..
especially when kids do that.
i wanna *giggles again..
heeehee *giggles
ergh? annoying je la fara when u do that so many times.
haha.stop it okayyy?
adesss..gile ah..suke ngarot sorang2 kat blog ni.
like what je.
k guys ! eh silap. k fara !
enough for now.
i need to take some medicine to make me feel better.
what medicine eh? i'll tell my blog later okay sygs?
wait for the next post.
bye ! :D

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