Friday, January 7, 2011

me, myself and i ! =) i wanna talk about me..
about where i was born,what i like,how i know petanque sport and much more..
ya,all about me.. not really a interesting story.. haha..
even though my english is bad..
but, what do i care..? hahah..
i cared about it actually..i'm still trying to make my english better..
what i'm bubbling about huh...?
when i'll start my story..? zzzzzz.. xD
well, start now!
just call me fara..
i have 5 siblings..2 brothers older than me and younger sister and brother..
my father,azim is a lecturer in a vocational collage..
my mother, mariyati worked in the same place as a clerk..
i love my family so much ! :)
i was born at malacca and my age is going to sweet 16 on this 5 may..
i'm mixed blood...
my mom father a.k.a my grandfather is portuguese ..
my dad have a little muslim sikh blood..
currently, i'm staying in kedah..
i stayed at my village,malacca for awhile..
then, i moved to ipoh and stayed there until my age is 12..
i'm totally in love with kedah b'cause i've found good friend and have the chance to represent my state,kedah for petanque also can hang out with my friend..
i love ipoh too b'cause i've experienced in staying at hostel at sekolah kebangsaan jelapang..
my best buddy is nur atikah who sleep beside me everynight and nasuha..
i love my school band, choral speaking and sports..
i'm active on that..
now,lets talk about petanque..
i started play this game about in the middle of 2009..
on that time, fara goes to hockey training.
while i'm waiting for hockey teacher to come..
my friend invited me to petanque field(or courts.i'm not sure)..
so, i was thinking just to watch they play..
but,it not happen...
my petanque coach, en amran b md noh called me..
and teach me how to play..
i feel like petanque is an interesting game..
so , i went to all petanque training..
next, when i'm in form 2(14 y/old), en amran choosed me to be in the school team..
on the first time i played for my school, i succesfuly got third place in angkasa...
alhamdulilah.. i am grateful..
in early 2010 i was representing the schools team and got second place in angkasa..
my team and i have improved performance..
alhamdulillah... :)
on december 2009 msn called me for sukma 2010 selection..
luckily, i was selected..
special thanks for en amran,en jamal,abg anip, kak anum,en man,en sobri, and the rest..
too many name..sorry if i didnt wrote the name here..
i'm not forgot your all are always in my mind..
so,that is how i started to play petanque..

~ The End ~


  1. hi..nice to know u.all d best in everythin u do :D

  2. umur awak? -- i guess u have forgotten it ;p

  3. @tukang kata hi..nice to know you too..thanks..

  4. @miss ferra ouh..ya..?
    i im forgot to tell my age..
    hahaha.. thanks 4 remind me.. hehe.
    i'll edit that back..



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