Thursday, November 12, 2009

today is my second day of final exam..
my science subject is just so easy..
i luv it!
actually..i didnt have any idea what i wanna write here...
i admit that my English is bad..
but i still write in English because i wanna improve my English..
oh!before i forgot..if u want my email..
add this ya..
u wanna know y i choose cadburry as my email..?
heheh..i choose tat email because i LUV chocolate..
it's so so n very Delicious.. ;p
but my spelling for cadburry is wrong lorh..
the real spelling 4 cadburry is cadbury..huhu..:(
BTW,I need 2 pack my cloth..
because i wanna go 2 the other home at ipoh n after that,
my family n i wanna spend this 2 days holiday at Cameron..
sorry ya!.


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