Monday, February 6, 2012

hard year for me...

dear blog,
i'm stress !
huh ! 2012 is avery hard year for me.
my schedule is very tight.
my training with kedah team,school team,homework,study,tuition,SPM.
ergh :/ so many in my heads.
you know what ? sunday,monday and thursday- tuition.
on tuesday and wednesday- curriculum
most of the weekdays evening-training with school team.
weekends- training with kedah team at alor star.
haih.. =='
the last two year is not too bad for me because i was just sitting for PMR.
and homework or subject to study is not as much as now.
whatever. i'll do my best for the first month test on this march.
wish me luck ! *wink (;

haha..layan je lah..gamba senyum ta ikhlas. xD
opsss :p

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