Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FROG dissection

phew !
okay.lets begin my story.
but,first you have to feel and imagine about what i'm going to say and share with ya.
obviously, i once friendly with frog.
unfortunately, since one of the my teammate, mizi threw a small plastic bag of small frogs right between my legs when i was sitting cross-legs(bersila).
it is because i'm shocked ! yeahh.i'm not afraid with those froggy before because i still can touch em.
haha..since that tragedy, i became a phobia of frogs and insects that close to me.
so, thats making me not confident to do this frog dissection.
2 days later, the day had come.....
 jeng3 ! i can't wait ! my group's frog was the largest among other groups !
the laboratory assistant and teacher said that chinese eat that frog,and it worth about Rm 2o for one frog. :D
for your information, we have to bring a frog ourselves.but just need one frog for each group.
yeahh..i dont want to talk much here.
peeps,here are the pictures. enjoy ! (:

the unforgotten memories ever when these frogs trying to escape from the hands and feet were pinned and then jumped. All fled because of too shocked. We thought it was dead, that is why we dissect it . pity that frog because it hard to die and we dissect it while he live. 

this was our group members :)

ergh :/ look at my face ! its darker than before.. 
and my eyes was like can't open it larger. haha.. xD

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