Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Header!!

special thanks to my bestfriend, paan for helping me to create a new header..
he teach me how to use adobe photoshop..
i'm not that professional in editing pictures...
i tried to download and learn myself...
but, unfortunately my computer memory is not enough for a big file like adobe photoshop.
poor me.. :(
anyway, today post is in english because some of my friends is from other country..
so, i tried to post in english..
and i'm so sorry because my english is bad..
hopefully you all can understand it.. :)
by the way, my next post is about my new year resolution..
ya..i need to think so deep about it...
someone make me realize about whats my bad..
i will talk about that in my next post..
thanks for that 'someone'..


  1. comelnye header. cane wat hah? tak rety

  2. @aishah hanis thanks ya!!
    awk download adobe photoshop..
    then, leyh edit kat situ..
    na aja pjg2 ta reti..
    search je kat youtube how to create header..



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