Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hye3! a little story when i'm at SUKMA

lme nye ta post blog..
i was too bz with SUKMA..
u know what..?
kedah has improve their skills in petanque..
guess what..?
we got 1 medal but on the third place..
a special congrats to women's double team coz won the game..
hehe..i'm glad with u yaw..
i'm sure still rmai org yg tak tau about diz sports right..?
this sports is just the same with lawn ball(boling padang)
adek beradik jewp ngan lawn ball nie...
the different is just the boule n tmpat utk main..
nie pix boule n  jack...
this sports actually asal form france..

ta pasan un ble diorang snap..
haha..nie time kem sukma at uum..

niep still at uum..

nie laks pix fara at campt..
time niep..mke still bole la thn..
ta de la gelap cam lpas abez sukma niep..

congrats to them coz has won bronze medal ..
chayok kedah!

pix niep at dlm stadium..
time penutup,..

and,lastly,diz iz my pic in stadium..
time pnutup..
muke da sunburn..hitam..!haha
na snap un jd ta iklaz jewp..haha

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