Tuesday, May 11, 2010

hey yunx..!

hey guys...!
whoa..! its been almost a month i didnt post any news..
miss u my blog.. muaxx muaxh ily <3
its not that i dont want to add new post here..
but, i'm too bz la sayangs..
last saturday and sunday i had a petanque tournament at selangor..
but, i didnt get any number on that tournament..
but its okie babe..i will not surrender..
yeah..! chayokk2.. insyaaAllah i can win on SUKMA..
here are some picture that fara sempat captured kt kuala selangor ari 2..

this is me with kak shamira(kak chik)
she is my partner in that tournament.. =)

ni pulak mse Sukma kedah n Sukma perlis de friendly ari 2..
agak2 leyh cam ta fara yg mne 1..?
haha.. xD

actually, on this time we had a phase 1 sukma camp..
we're at kompleks sukan hijau kuning, alor star..
we have to take ujian kecergasan diri..
kitorang sume nervous na tnggu turn..
haha.. xD

babe..i ta kan on9 for 2 weeks kowt..
na g wat umrah insyaAllah..
so, guys..! doakan fara selamat pergi dan balik okie..!

p/s  i will miss my school, online friends,my friends at school, my sayangs (this blog ma not bf okie..?!) also my beloved my teachers happy teacher days okie..! sorry i couldnt wish u on teachers day.. :(
b'cause i'm not at school on teacher's day.. mmuaxhh.. <3


  1. gunakn pluang umrah nie utk bribadat spnohnya..smoga slmat pergi dan slmat pulang..

  2. ada award utk kamu di blog saya! :)

  3. izyani~wow..! really..? thankx 4 da awards ya... (:

  4. hi, thnks for your join with my follower. i think it is great blog



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