Wednesday, February 24, 2010

 it has been a long time that i'm not online...
i am so bz..
 until i didnt have time for online..
u know what..?
my mom cakap...
its okie if u like someone..
u can be his friend..
but u dont need 2 has a relationship that called 'couple'
Yeah! i agreed 100% with my mom..
its true couple is not important in our life..
u know..i'm still to young to couple..
i can get love too...but from my parents n my siblings..
couple does not guarantee your future..
in my oppinion , nowadays couple will not end with marriage..
and nowadays all couple will not stand long..
just stand about 2 or three months.
maybe less than that..
i pnah la jugak ckp at my parent about my crush..
then,my parents cakap..its okie..
its normal to has crush..
btw,my conclusion about couple is not so important ..
maybe its just for fun..
so,whats ur oppinion about this..??
actually i have one more suggestions to tell ya..
if u like someone and u dont want to couple with he/she u just need to stay keep in touch with 'em...
u just need to maintain ur friendship or didnt lost contact with ur crush or ur friends that u love..
until u finish ur study..
but..1 more thing..dont forget to tell he/she that u like him/her....
erm..this is just a reminder for u all..
its up to you if u want to follow as what i say..
but,u need to think what i say..
to all muslim..i am hoping..
when u couple..
u cannot touch each other..
such as touch or holding ur partner hands..
it is prohibited in islam..
if u wnat to feel how to live in heaven..
please stay away from sin..
do not do things that are probihited..
thats all ya my friends..!!





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